Ive spent an hour in her company today doing just that.
My Talking Angela, which is a Tamagotchi-style app in that it lets kids take care of kitten Angela as she grows (she eats, naps, bathes, and gets dressed) chat rooms saudi arabia and doesn't include a chat feature but has plenty of purchases.Claim, the Talking Angela app unsafely prompts children to provide personal information about themselves.It is very creepy!In short: yes, the hoax is a hoax.I decided to take a look at the Talking Angela app, and to read the comments on our site and the Google Play Store to see if there was anything that might explain this tsunami of attention.While its definitely not connecting your children to paedophiles, it does raise some issues.First, theres a musical-note button at the bottom right which on my smartphone launched the app with the official Talking Tom and Friends channel starting with a video trailer for the separate My Talking Tom mobile game.It was a cool night!The data collected by the app from the user is not shared with anyone and is actually sent to Out Fit7 only in the form of an anonymized data log (no names, no numbers, no personal data).Either way it makes a mockery of the idea that its a safeguard I think that if Child mode is important to you, you shouldnt assume that your child has Talking Angela in that mode unless youre using it with them.
And yes, Angela does ask at one point You know whats fun too?
A clothing swap party.
For now, I would steer my children to other apps rather than Talking Angela, but thats based on testing it out for myself, rather than believing hysterical ALL-caps warnings posted on Facebook.
Talking Tom and Friends, which also was made into a Web series.
Finally, if I tell you that its an adult talking malay real sex to the child, and the adult is a paedophile, then it takes on a very sinister tone (my skins crawling and its just a sentence written on a web page).
Some of the questions and answers from Talking Angela are mildly flirtatious.What on earth is happening?My friend typed to him I know you are a hacker and the person said I like complements.As the, guardian noted about Talking Angela, the one legitimate criticism of the app is that its too easy to toggle Talking Angela out of Child Mode, thereby enabling it to engage in conversations (about subjects such as dating) that parents may find inappropriate for.Thats a legitimate criticism, and one that Outfit7 should act on by making it harder for kids to turn off the Child Mode.All it says is that Talking Angela asks childrens names and where they go to school, and takes photos (just like kids do with each other).About eight days ago we noticed that our year-old article about the Talking Angela hoax had suddenly become very, very popular indeed.Text-chatting with Angela, finally, what happens if you turn child mode off as any child can relatively easily and start chatting to Angela using the text box at the bottom of the screen?the responses arent forwarded or shared outside the app, and none of this takes place unless Child Mode is specifically disabled.