subreddit chat rooms

This includes users youve already banned.
Reddit Live contributors use chat to coordinate and surface the most important information, like during Hurricane Harvey, when a handful of dedicated Redditors helped inform not only their real world communities, but also the Reddit community.
Chat rooms can also be found in the side bar on redesign.
If youd like to help out, heres a great post on giving good feedback by u/allthefoxes.Any chat rooms, if they exist, should appear there.Since this feature is still evolving, Reddit wants people to share their ideas and experiences with u/reddit_chat_feedback, which has been added it to the top of everyone's chat contacts list.Update: all communities now have the ability to create rooms so you don't need to opt-in anymore!Roles and permissions: tbd, but generally the ability to give users in chat a role with certain permissions.Long before we built chat, Redditors have been using gay hidden camera toilet external chat platforms to supplement communities, drive them, and create experiences that have made Reddit a special and powerful platform.Furthermore, users dont have to chat if they dont want (just like they dont have to comment, upvote, downvote, etc.).Comcast_Xfinity : If youre having issues with Comcasta road weve all been down at some point in our lives, no doubtcommiserate with other Comcast users here.Theres definitely some potential for this to be a good thing. .Chat rooms will always be opt-in, and well default new subreddits to 0 rooms.
People need advice or need to fix their computer or whatever and have a hard time doing so with asynchronous communication.
Kick: remove a user from a chat room for a period of time.
Other communities who are interested can opt in to our subreddit chat rooms beta by leaving a comment below.
Click IT, in other words, it was a community-based decision.
Naturally, someone has already created a subreddit that people can use to find other subreddits with active chat rooms.
Were also very focused now on building features to help moderate chat both manually via moderators and automatically (think bots, etc).Reports about chat messages are sent to Reddit (not to mods).Click join room to start chatting.I guess what Im saying is well see.Still, chatrooms played an integral role in my life growing up and I have fond memories of typing away to strangers on the internet.Today we are releasing subreddit chat rooms to a small number of communities and more communities will be getting this feature in the coming weeks.Reddit product designer ityoclys outlined his experience of beta testing the new chat features with small groups of Redditors over the last year in a blog post.Mashing the F5 key to refresh a static comments page is so last year.Aw man, that was pretty (really) long, but its important to us that you understand our thought process, goals, and what were trying to do with chat.Each subreddit can opt to add a chat room as a casual conversation alternative - one that doesn't require refreshing to update - and it'll be added to a directory.Mods can create as many (or few) rooms as theyd like.Once a user has joined a room, they can chat in "classic" reddit or the redesign.There are also a bunch of subreddits that are more organically social in nature, and right now they need to leave Reddit to create the experience they want.In the future, well be adding a more robust roles and permissions system for chat which will let mods give some chat moderation permissions to people who arent a part of the full mod team.