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9, '98 smoked constantly throughout show, Fashion Kingdom (VH1.18, '00 "Campbell was swamped by fans after she was forced to go outside a restaurant to smoke in Los Angeles.14, '97 "Campbell has the sniffles, so she probably shouldn't be smoking, but she is Rolling Stone, Dec.14, '08 with picture, Time Magazine, when?'98 "although I smoke I wouldn't do a cigarette advert, simply because I don't want a picture of me showing kids across the world that I do Night Day magazine, Mail on Sunday (UK Sep.24, '01 candid, dangling, Daily Telegraph (UK) (Telegraph Magazine supplement Aug.'00 "There she will sit by the camp-fire, drink way too much beer and smoke too much, although she tries to quit for years.58 "a cigarette at the ready if necessary Los Angeles Times, Dec.'98 talked about failed attempts at quitting, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, May 13, '98 "Neve did lunch at Shopsy's, during which she did more smoking than chowing down Toronto Star, May 17, '98 "When Campbell turns up a few minutes e's clutching.26, '03 "her accent is unrooted, slipping between American It's easier, you don't have to repeat yourself and south London, which becomes more emphatic when she says, 'Look, can I smoke?' and seems to relax and start swearing more The Guardian (UK Jul.
'98 Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life" the first sentence of an article reads "neve campbell smokes cigarettes US Weekly, Feb.
"Later in the day she's going to see a hypnotist about giving up the wee For Him Magazine (UK Jun.
28, '07 "stocked up on cigarettes Monsters and Critics (UK Nov.
All images display on this site is gathered from Free Sites and Usenets.30, '98 same, Orange County Register, Mar.24, '00 shown smoking at Party, RTL (German TV May 19, '00 admitted she smoked a lot and would have to quit if she wanted to keep on disco dancing, GQ or Esquire or Arena?, mid '00 "Her concept: Chainsmoking and no sports!21, '07 "made a pitt sic stop for some fags w/pic, London Metro (UK Nov.'I'm gonna quit smoking.24, '01 candid, no-hands dragging, The Mirror (M supplement) (UK Feb.