pinoy real sex scandal

If the hidden camera nude gallery president can give a major speech without either the opposition or the new media accusing him of attempting to distract from the scandal, then the scandal is over.
Conservatives constantly highlight their aversion to talking about more than one issue at a time.
May 4th, 2017, if Trump Wants China To Pressure North Korea, He Must Also Compromise.
And as Comedy Centrals.Commander in Afghanistan, adultery can be a crime in the tradition-oriented military, even in this day in age).In Americas unique celebrity-driven culture, this phenomenon happens in political campaigns as well as the current scandal involving David Petraeus, the recently cashiered CIA spy chief.Lets not distract from Obamacare.Koch brothers and focusing on the, supreme Courts McCutcheon decision on campaign finance law in order to distract from Obamacare and the slow economic recovery.Jon Stewart noted in his Appetite for Distraction segment, Fox News has been all over Obamas misdirection juju.Benghazi: The king of the distraction meme.The IRS Scandal is the distraction?
As long as conservatives are trying to keep Obamas scandals alive, the distraction cries will continue.
One cant help but wonder if the FBI, which has a mutual historical hatred of the CIA, didnt continue the investigation and leak it to take down the CIAs leader and his theretofore golden-boy reputation.
Anything could be a distraction from the IRS scandal, the Department of Justice collection of journalists phone records, and of course, Benghazi.
June 19th, 2017, an Answer to Trump: Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?
Rather than spending taxpayer dollars on further investigation of such merely personal matters, maybe our federal snooping agencies should focus their efforts on real national security investigations.
So the sensationalist American media risks looking as if its just digging for, well details of top.S.
Or the real scandal?Read more by Ivan Eland, real Patriotism on Memorial Day Means Losing Fewer Soldiers in Meaningless Wars.Heres an angle that might actually help the country.Should take military action in Syria that the debate about.Mother Jones pointed out in May, for the past year conservatives have labeled a number of the administrations actions as feeble attempts to distract from the true issue at hand.Of course, in a free society with commercial media, the media is only catering to what the American people want unfortunately many times, juicy sex scandals and episodes where celebrities and the mighty have fallen.

Congress can still thoroughly investigate the FBIs handling of this unseemly matter.