Second-rate: Save Cheeko Sands (by completing "Tipping the Scales.
Whether this is your first outing as a fledgling hunter or you're a veteran that's taken down more Rathalos than you can shake a Gunlance at, there's plenty to discover and to be in awe.Hips: Complete the airship (by completing "Major Miner Problem.Ancestral Steppe: Complete 20 quests there.Zinogre: Hunt 20 Zinogre.View monster location When you see a hot air balloon in the sky, use the "wave" gesture.White Lightning: Save Dundorma from crisis.
Apprentice: Restore Sandskiff Service (by completing "Skiff Competition.
Volcanic Hollow: Successfully tattoo dreadlock camgirl alaska complete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel".
Year-round: Complete Demolisher construction (by completing "Death of a Thousand Cuts.
To create a Gathering Set, obtain a three slotted weapon with three Blessing Jewels, a Leather S Mail chest armor with one Blessing Jewel, three Gathering Jewels in your Charm, and the remaining equipment with Torso Ups.
Meownster Mat: Successfully complete "Skiff Scuttler".It will shine, and the location of a monster will briefly appear.Frozen Seaway: Successfully complete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel".Monster, hunter : World, the latest entry in the fan favorite franchise.Story: Save the Master of Defense (by completing "Skiff Competition.Advance to the second page, then select the third option for the Guild Card.Rescuer: Finish all caravan quests.Active: Defend Dundorma with fellow hunters (by completing "Kushala Kushowdown.Weakling: Complete Demolisher construction (by completing "Death of a Thousand Cuts.Winner: Befriend the Wycoon (by completing "Swing into Action.Subtle: Save the Master of Defense (by completing "Skiff Competition.