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What could have been a triumphant comeback ended abruptly when studio executives considered, and then rejected her, as the possible lead in the Western TV series.
Then, toward the close of the radio era, she finally got her big moment in the broadcast spotlight, as radios fearless Defense Attorney.Whatever the answer, McCambridge's lynch-happy harpy was one of the most striking portrayals of a forceful woman in cinema.Double and triple sounds would emerge at once, wheezing sounds, very much akin to what you can imagine a person inhabited by various demons would sound like.According to Welles, who co-starred with her in the Ford Theater series, it was, in fact, McCambridge's versatile voice that made her "the world's greatest living radio actress.".Five years later, she was Oscar-nominated as best supporting actress for her performance in George Stevens's Texas saga, Giant (1956).She tamed her demons and became a leading advocate for alcoholic treatment programs, speaking across the country about her own ordeal.Hollywood has had its fair share of actors turned into lesbian icons - think of Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford or Greta Garbo - but none had a dykier screen persona than Mercedes McCambridge, who has died aged.Watch: Mercedes McCambridge on her role in The Exorcist.After a shortlived marriage to William Fifield, among the people she worked with was Canadian actor-writer-director Fletcher Markle, whom she married in 1950.She became a special favorite of writer/producer Carlton.
The program surrounded McCambridge with a first-rate supporting cast.
Mar 18, 2004 Mercedes McCambridge, who won Oscar for her role in 1949 film All the King's Men, dies at age 87; photo (M) Giant The Exorcist Johnny Guitar All the King's Men Inside Straight Linda Blair Jason Miller Kitty Winn Lee.
McCambridge soldiered on, continuing to perform on stage and winning plaudits in Los Angeles for her role in Neil Simon's Lost In Yonkers (1992 as the grandmother who rules the household with a rod of iron.
Thats how it worked out for one of the most talented women ever to stand behind a microphone.
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She died in 2004, one of the true legends of radio drama.The shy girl strips on camerafor cash series, like so many radio and television dramas about the legal profession, spent much of its time outside the courtroom.In this movie, McCambridge is superb as Sadie Burke, the hard-boiled henchwoman and lover of populist southern demagogue Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford).This was a challenging time for McCambridge.Few actors could have taken, or convincingly merited, such a slap across the face as she receives from investigative journalist John Ireland.It was about this time that McCambridge, recently divorced from Markle, with a young son to bring up, started to drink heavily.McCambridge began a sporadic career on Broadway that would bring her to the attention of movie talent scouts who, ironically, had given her no notice at all during her prior residence in Hollywood.Morse, who used her again and again in his legendary adventure serial.She was tapped to play the role of Governor Willie Starks bitter, manipulative campaign manager in the searing 1949 political drama.This was a follow-up to perhaps her most famous role, that of the butch bitch who leads a posse against Joan Crawford in Nicholas Ray's baroque western, Johnny Guitar (1954).McCambridge pursued a romantic relationship with her mentor, but when that ended, she married fellow Merchandise Mart staff actor William Fifield.A bright, energetic child, young Mercy grew up to attend Mundelein College near Chicago, where she was a force in campus theatricals.The pregnancy ended tragically, the infant was stillborn, and McCambridge found herself facing increasing personal tension in her marriage to Fletcher Markle.Even without flashy big-name roles, Mercedes McCambridge had plenty of opportunities to shine.