Posted by, i wonder whether that are any general graphics chat rooms on IRC or gitter or where ever where people converse about path tracing.
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r/amateurradio on Reddit Join #hamfest and hold onto your wallet qrm bot accepts all commands in /msg Beware the dodgy two way radio!" 218 #theshed, theShed General Discussions of a geeky nature GeekShed is looking for developers with C, C, or php coding experience, /join.48 matching entries found. .Please keep nsfw discussion to a minimum and be courteous of other users chat category: Japan network: Snoonet irc2go: #japanese 5 users 100 minutes ago Welcome to #eMule.1590 #jupiterbroadcasting, live JB Shows: /jbcalendar JB Live Stream G: /16PjytZ Facebook: /PN652 Reddits: /jbsubreddits Political discussion: #unfilter 281 #redditnet, topic for #RedditNet is "Welcome to #RedditNet!At least you got, iRC chat room to chat Pakistani, Indian and English speaking girls and boys without any registration.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
UTF8 encoding and Japanese speaking only in here.
54 #unfilter, invite your friends to join in discussion: t #unfilter Check out more Unfilter here: /Unfilter 52 #chris, topic: Migratory Patterns of Tropical Coconuts / Chris is now Twitching at /Chrispirillo / m/Chrispirillo 50 #hamfest, bot announcing new for-sale listings: m, t, m, /r/hamfest.
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Japanese - eMule Tech-Support channel Speak, japanese and English only Latest eMule version:.50a Get it from t Join #emule-english to get eMule help support (english only).
If you want to join only IRC chat in India you can join.Channel, topic, users #tabletopsimulator, welcome to the Official Tabletop Simulator Global Chat!Japanese language to study and practice together.Welcome to the GeekShed Help Channel This channel is for help related to GeekShed only.Can't start a server, buttons not working?This is the only English you will see here.42 #iamaddictedtoirc, topic goes here_ : Coyote 's Kin's #News #Sports-RSS #Trivia channels : Welcome!Indian chat room freely.

Chat category: Reddit Japan network: freenode   irc2go: #reddit-japanese 6 users 113 minutes ago Youkoso Kemono Friends!
Chat category: Japan network: irchighWay   irc2go: #japanese 3 users 96 minutes ago Speak.
8 users 96 minutes ago Welcome to # japanese!