Updated translations of Italian and Russian to include the "Options".
Now your randy little sims can fantasize about sex, perhaps relaxing on a bed or couch and daydreaming about new sex interactions.
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Sexy gay hidden spy cam Sims 2 site.So forget about watching porn videos and use webcam porn instead.Daydreaming about sex will not indian couple hidden cam sex work on a modular-style couch, the type where you can add as many sections as you want in whatever configuration is desired.The naughtiest girls on the planet are just one mouse click away.Additional Suggested Mods If you haven't used any naughty Sims 3 mods before, here are a few other things you may want to add: Uninstalling Like other script mods which add interactions, you must make sure none of your saved games have sims in the.Unzip the file and place the "ckage" in your game's mods/packages folder.
2013-August-22, Version.03: Fixed a bug where the mod was interfering with the normal menu on modular couches, the ones where you can add as many pieces as you want.
Where a compromise was necessary, I have made sure the important bits line up at the expense of other things.
Updates 2013-July-20, Version.01: Sexual daydream interactions now fulfill sims' wishes to "Woohoo with name".
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Dig in and enjoy experimenting!Also included are immediate commands to instantly change a sim into their nude outfit or sleepwear, similar.Click on the other sim and select "Graphical XTC / Daydream About Missionary Sex With or choose doggy excit adult chat or cowgirl sex instead.2013-July-31, Version.04: Updated translations for Chinese(China) and Chinese(Taiwan).If you're still having a problem that's not on that list, have a look in my mod's thread at Sexy Sims 2 and post a message there.Cancel daydreaming to stand.Close S3PE, saving changes.All interactions are only user-directed, not autonomous, so sims around town won't suddenly start humping everyone in sight.2013-August-29, Version.05: Added Danish translation.While you are in Edit Town mode, if a custom house from the game's Library is placed in a world the beds and couches inside will not have the GraphicalXTC.CmarNYC's Get Naked mod that showed how to switch a sim's outfit.SmoothJazz Editor originally by TigerM, now maintained and improved by Peter.If so, our chat feature will allow you to get randomly matched with a cam girl or cam boy.Fixed WoohooEvent bug for sims having sex on the floor.