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We look forward to adding and changing things along the way to keep it up-to-date and functional.
HamWAN portable setup, i'm in the coverage area, it only takes about 200 of equipment to connectthat's less than a typical 2 meter mobile setup!
There are a handful of networks around the United States and Canada implementing the HamWAN standard.
This TeamSpeak 3 communications will complement ham radio and provide us meeting space limited only by our imagination! If you have questions, contact KL1AC.Click here for a quick reference of bot commands.If you would like to connect your repeater to HamWAN for linking, irlp, Echolink, or an aprs igate, ask in the IRC channel or email list and we may be able to help you.Client Hardware comparison page.HHH Net and the 3905 Century Club nets.The following is a list of known ham radio related IRC channels with regular activity.We would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support of the HamWAN project and the local HamWAN standard network.Participate in the conversation, ask for help or just follow along in real time.A BIG Alaska blonde teen tranny fucks boyfriend on cam welcome to all of our friends and The Alaska Morning Net Family!Non-red areas with line of sight may have weak signal and decreased speeds.
Join the IRC channel or mailing list for help.
The coverage map is a rough estimate based on a computer model.
When you do, you will receive periodic newsletters catching you up on AMN current events along with articles and other useful information.
We'll set you up with the right access to make changes to the website and keep track of progress.Dont forget to join us in our chat room!While link state is live and automatic, new nodes will not show up on the map until manually added.Learn more about them.Brad N8QQ (bam updates to: Last Update).Both hams and non-hams are welcome to join us and chat away.Hang out in the project's IRC channel #HamWAN-Support on eenode.Feel free to surf around the site, log in and add to the content.If you would like to volunteer for any of the work required (see the wiki table of contents for areas that need attention please send an email to the mailing list to let us know.Our coverage map is based on the following radio and antenna combination: For more information on what to buy, see the.Its easy, and no experience is required just the ambition and self motivation towards making our hobby thrive and stand out.Part 97 rules, this won't replace your home Internet connection.EFnet's #HamRadio has been the official channel of W8IRC since the club's inception in 2002, but membership and representation automatically includes any willing ham radio operator who uses IRC anywhere.Sign up to the mailing list by clicking here or sending an email.