hack flash chat room admin

It doesn't really matter where the index is located, because it still sends info into right chatroom if you copy the p of the chat.
You need to know the IP address of the router and the password to get.
Admin Panel, flashChat includes a powerful administration panel which allows you to add and rermove rooms, view messages, control bans and ignores, and much more.Sadly, it is not usable.(url of chat i mean).The horrible pain of IE has been.If all hacks needed are free text chat in india installed and working, and this hack still does not work and you want me to log in and sort it out for you then I require you PM me what I original asked for, which is, an admin user account.Thats all you need.
Server enforced security, random, persistent nickname coloring, thanks to the help of the Gargoyle forums, I was able to turn Gargoyle into a captive portal of sorts.
The environment is pretty limited.
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As the the link you posted when hovering your mouse point would indicate that you do not (or have and it is not installed properly Block Disabled: update License Status suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.
If you go directly to "p" (its the page that handles data sent by clients) you get this: Code: Select all รข response lout id"665982" t"6:22 pm" login /lout /response so it gives you id when you visit it too, but i dont think you.Specific chatroom you talk about is not on the url you sent.There is no internet to access, so the arrangement is a bit simpler than the typical captive portal.July 3, 2009: Hacking an embedded chat room.One really big reason stands behind this: the author provides prebuilt binaries, giving Gargoyle the lowest barrier to entry.Turns out this particular model can run third part open source firmware.I only loaded chatroom page with proxy.I choose justin bieber private chat room an OpenWRT derivative, Gargoyle.July 4, 2009: Announcing Chatbox, a webapp for routers.These rooms require the download of Flash.If you are using FlashChat in the so-called "free for all" mode, then your admin login can be found in the /inc/p file.It does nothing to the chatroom itself, but it will crash browser's flash everybody have to leave and relogin.As i said before, you can't bypass IP or username ban.For example, on m/forum/chat/ I am using FlashChat integrated with phpBB.