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The only exceptions allowed to the queue order were for Buddhist monks, who shaved their entire heads, and Taoist priests, who did not have to shave.
Of course, registration of births, deaths and marriages did not become compulsory in New South Wales until 1st March 1856. .
His name was Frederick Arthur called "Matty"a fair bit Regards, Barry Sampson Thank you Barry.Even Turkish names in cemeteries were erased.With all the research you would have undertaken on Mudgee over the years, I thought I would just take a punt and ask you if you have ever come across this couple?The book is available from Windeyer School (phone ) and costs about 30 I think. Dads grandparents on his mothers (Miriam) side were James Henry and Rose (nee Hucks) Price.I dont know how they could be so specific as to state is age at 41 years when there was so little else known about him.Also, see photos above. Marjorie married Edward Ernest Partridge in 1930 in Toowoomba and he died on 15/7/1975 at Lithgow district hospital.Would this information be at the Land Titles office in Sydney?
I know it's quite possible that her parents weren't married.
The daughter of Ann/Annie Godfrey was Catherine Pluis, (my Grandmother born 1889 in Cargo and later she was married to John Henry Fisher and lived in Belubula, Canowindra.
It has been said in our family stories that she helped to lay out the bodies of Sarah and her children.
Little is known about Lizzie, the marriage certificate (1882) to James says that she is a widow and her name is "lizzie mcdonald NEE hilder".Theresa with her son Robert Charles and daughter in law Joan.My moms friend, the story of Marcie, my next door neighbor and my moms friend.I have been reading all the information on various sites and it is extremely interesting.Kim Wanted: Information about the Police Force in 1850s I just came across your wonderful site and found it both interesting and helpful.Also I do believe that her parents were living at Windeyer at the time, and not in Mudgee, as is stated in your article (See section on Bush Churches) My great grandather, Charles Augustine Cornally.Leah and Abanu, wife Leah fucks another man.

I came across an old map of the Coco Parish (if thats the right name) from the 1880s but Im not sure if that is the relevant parish.