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WTH What The Heck wthin What The Hell Is Next wthow White Trash Headline Of the free video calling santa Week wtmc What The Mother C* wtmi Way Too Much Information WTN What Then Now?or- Yes YA Yet Another -or- You -or- Your YA yaya Yet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo) yaba Yet Another Bloody hidden cam mom porn tubes Acronym yacc Yet Another Calendar Company YAF Young Angry Female yafiygi You Asked For It You Got It yahoo You Always Have Other Options.Men seeking men: Find your next partner with us!Let's hook up [email protected] Laughing At You -or- Laughing About You labatyd Life's A Bitch And Then You Die lafw Listening (but) Away From Window lagnaf Lets All Get Naked And F* laoj Laughing At Own Joke LAQ Lame Ass" LB?Amsterdam, Club Church has a huge gay following.Jackd connects you to the hottest guys with key insights on whos viewed your profile and other revealing stats.
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NetLingo is also tracking a global list of worldwide text terms and international online jargon!
Dyhag Do You Have A Girlfriend dyjhiw Don't You Just Hate It When.
Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.
Iitlyto If It's Too Loud You're Too Old iitm It's In The Mail iitywimwybmad If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink iitywybmad If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink iiwii It Is What It Is iiwm.In this way, we streamline the online dating experience so that you can focus on the singles you're truly suited to and don't bisexual phone chat lines in virginia waste time and energy on dead-end connections.Chez René is located close to this square, and has often been voted one of the best gay bars in the entire city, which is no mean feat considering the sheer number of bars in Amsterdam.Messages older than three months may be deleted.RX Regards ryfm Read Your Friendly Manual RYO Roll Your Own RYS Read Your Screen S Smile S2R Send To Receive S2U Same To You S3 8 screwed in the ass S4B Sh* for Brains S4L Spam For Life sadad Suck A Dick And Die.Wyfm Would You F* Me?Wrudatm What Are You Doing At The Moment?

Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of the main gay streets in the area and has some excellent bars, but they can also be found all around the historic center.
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