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The developers describe, quassel as a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client: modern, meaning full of the features that you would expect from an IRC client today; cross-platform, meaning available on Windows, Mac, and Linux; distributed, meaning something that is uniquely awesome.Price: Free, download, best IRC Clients for Mac OS X:.Platform Availability: Android (minimum version requirement varies with device).For most of us, chatrooms might seem like a relic of the past, but theyre still around.On the customization front, you can tweak colors for nicknames based on status, backgrounds, and stuff like that.
Each of them has its own community of fans and supporters, so its hard to say whether any of them are any better than the others.
And thats just the beginning.
Note: Theres one downer with AndChat, and its that it is no longer being maintained, with the last update going back sex video live free to 2013.
Facebook, pinterest, whatsapp, email, advertisement, in the decades following the invention of the Internet, dozens of programs and protocols have been developed to facilitate communication between computers.
HexChat Dont want the twenty thousand features and confusing multiple windows and would rather prefer something simpler?
Other standard features include spell checker, proxy support, direct file transfers, network meters, and keyboard shortcuts.
Price: Free; Donation version worth.22 also available.Fancy real blood sex video chatting via your iOS or Android device?If you arent willing to shell out the one-time registration fee.99, then you should look elsewhere.But theres more to Textual than just eye candy.The core keeps track of your session, so you can detach when you need to leave and reattach when youre available again and you wont have missed a single thing!Textuals feature set also includes stuff like a diverse range of keyboard shortcuts, iCloud synchronization of preferences, auto-completion for nicknames and commands, full text formatting, and ZNC integration. .And one of them is the.Even better, thanks to the availability of numerous IRC clients across all (both desktop and mobile) platforms, you can chat anytime and anywhere.Latest update: Feb 01, 2016.Platform Availability: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 7, 8, and.One of the great things about Nettalk is its out-of-the-box support for multiple languages English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and German.The most popular versions of Mango IRC - Chat client for Mac are.1 and.0.AndroIRC Probably one of the best IRC client apps for Android out there, AndroIRC includes a whole bunch of solid features that make it a must have app for those wanting to connect over IRC via Android devices.