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She also directed the publication to a Tumblr page where Francis alleged victims share images and stories of their abuse (including the tattoo brand.).
Hes mounting the paperwork for a defamation of character lawsuit.
I work all-day every-day in the print shop or in the recording studio making stuff for the fans.
I met up with him at this hotel, he came to the door, and I was thinking like, oh, Im really excited to see him.Teen Cams : These webcams are sexy teens that just want to please you.She posted a Twitter DM conversation between herself and Francis, which took place when she was.You are now subscribed to the Daily Digest and Cheat Sheet.He continued, My methods of punishment were rather extreme and I never meant to cause anyone any real physical or emotional damage.I doubt they gave their consent either.Im sorry, I wish it were.We will not share your email with anyone for any reason.
She described how, last year, Francis came to see her for her birthday with an assignment to take another woman under her wing.
She continued, I couldnt consent because I was scared to death.
She adds that she had tried to tell people about the alleged cult when she was 16, but no one took me seriously.
I have, in the past, engaged in heavy role play and bondage relationships with consent.
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Another post submitted by an anonymous 21-year-old woman shows the trace of a W carved into her rib: This is a scar branding that William gave me on Feb 2nd, 2016.
A few weeks ago, Lily was added to a group message of other women, and the group chat was like lets talk about the sex cult.Couple Cams : Personally our favorites, direct action and live sex shows very exciting.She says that shes in contact with over 20 women involved in the cult, and referred The Daily Beast to a Tumblr that a collective of the girls have set up in order to share evidence and information.My cock live chat rooms on yahoo messenger simply throbs harder when she is in a full state of submission, the ropes are tied tightly and theres blood and tears circulating in the air around.And everyone was sharing photos of their tattoos, their brandings, and just going over these horrible, awful things, she continues.And I couldnt wrap my mind around what exactly was happening, and then he grabbed me by my hair and began slapping me back and forth across my face and I started crying, and I was like stop!Francis, meanwhile, posted a statement to his official William Control Facebook page on June 7, writing, The truth is: I went into the police for questioning about these allegations earlier this year.The Daily Beast spoke with one of those women, Amanda, who confirms he had me marry a woman to get her her citizenship, adding, That woman has since left him and I can no longer find her online anywhere.He alluded to the pictures and videos you sent me, presumably as further evidence that their relationship was entirely consensual.