chat rooms java

This is where you are getting confused.
First, your Thread n in your server is responsible for accepting connections (addClient but you also call it first thing in your Thread input?
Thread n is handling accepting connections, so with the loop, Thread n is fine.Chat from desktop, laptop, smart phone, thtub?Similar to how you have a list for Sockets (since you are gonna be creating multiple Sockets server-sided you need multiple Streams aswell.Server app: run or java -jar homechat.Akila sekaran wrote:Okay as you said i have removed client class which had no purpose here.Real-time interaction increases revenue, saves money, and drives membership and traffic.Other users will be shown in your friend list.
Mvn clean compile assembly:single (the binary file will be placed in target folder this project requires jdk.8 or later.
Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature.
After actually reading your code and testing it, i have noticed that your structure seems a bit off.
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Submit a pull request :D, dependencies, author.