He's studying astrophysics, and tells me in a moment of disarming candidness how Neil DeGrasse Tyson inspired him to pursue the field: "If he's brown, and I'm slightly brown, it works out, right?
And as the Daily Dot points out, users sadly search for PuffPuffChat missed connections on another dedicated subreddit.
I got really into that scene and a vacation he once took in New York I think I fell in love 32 times or something.
Holds regular community smoke-ins to protest against drug laws.He said in a recent interview with.You 0: whoa awesome, you 0: hahah, you 0: what's up in scotland.My Scottish friend, a nine, is "kipping.".People on PuffPuffChat like weed."Same person!" He gives me a tip: potheads can be a socially anxious folk, duh, so people tend to chat text-only rather than use video.
The beauty of being high on the internet is that every time your mind wants to change directions, you've got a railroad switch readily available, and with PuffPuffChat set to text and tucked away somewhere in your browser, it's just one of many distractions available.
But they're also united by a higher-minded purpose: unlike the dick-showing, a/s/l'ing hordes that populate similar sites, they are out for smart, civilized conversation.
PuffPuffChat, like stonerdom itself, is a place where silliness rubs shoulders with serious talk, or at least the pursuit.
9 Person: like.38om 9 Person: pm 9 Person: fuck all here mate 9 Person: sweet fuck all, puffPuffChat is Chatroulette for stoners.
The Stoner Army world wide has always been part of m and was started by Mr Bong Rip as well.Stiviano shades and all.Just follow the track marked "Fleetwood Mac performance videos" and send your chat buddy some vintage Second Hand News.A representative excerpt from our conversation: 6 Person: yeah same, have you noticed the clouds up on this page 6 Person: they express my mood so perfectly.One person I talk to tells me PuffPuffChat is good for having "spontaneous intellectual discussions without the context of 'self another says that the people you meet "are intelligent enough to hold conversations and not sex and the city online stream season 3 just put stupid things up like Chatroulette would, such.Create a profile and share Photos Videos.Then we start talking about work.We both feel a heightened sense of camaraderie and openness, and the conversation flows effortlessly and into novel and unexpected territories.At a time when there was only 1 dispensary in SoCal., Bong Rip made sure that there would be plenty of business for the whole weed community.Did you know James Franco has a little Swede in him?5 Person: i got chased by a naked grandma last month You 1: hahahahaha You 1: are you serious?He offers me some unsolicited advice about sex and fingernail hygiene, and we awkwardly say goodbye.

We are a peaceful loving Community dedicated to the legalization of industrial hemp and medical marijuana.