Lucs discomfort with what Lindsay is offering (herself, fully contrasts with his warmness with Stéphanie, who has mental problems.
On paper, the film sounds ordinary, following a erotic cam rooms free promising young architect, Luc (Éric Bruneau as he enjoys the rarified Canadian high life with his wife Stéphanie (Mélanie Thierry) and assorted friends, skiing, playing tennis, entertaining at their enviable home, and.
Popular on Variety, loading comments.Yes, Luc seems to have everything, but as Charles Montgomery Burns once said, Id trade it all for a little more.Bean advertisement, full of fabulously shot footage of Eastern Canadian vistas and the well-dressed rustic yuppies who live there.Its been a decade since Denys Arcand became the first French-Canadian director to win an Oscar for foreign-language film with his still-potent The Barbarian Invasions, but watching his latest, An Eye for Beauty, it feels like its been much longer.Sometimes that platitudinous business about there being a charge in the air when meeting a significant partner isnt a myth.
Its an intensely erotic moment, and it casts a subtle air of mystery on the film.
The tropes of traditional romances, such as an emphatic score and trumped-up suspense as to whether lovers will be caught by others, serve to distance us from the immediacy of the central union.
An almost bizarrely limp, emotionless, blank greeting card of a movie, this purported romantic comedy-drama contains little of the three, at best serving as a sort of extended.L.
Production : (Canada) An Alliance Vivafilm (in Canada) release of a Cinemaginaire production.
He also allows himself to be drawn into an affair with an English-speaking Torontonian (Melanie Merkosky who seduces him by abruptly stating, I married my high-school sweetheart.Were never primed to approve or disapprove of Luc and Lindsay, or others, for their infidelities, and this dries the affair of its potentially heightened sense of stakes, which fosters a greater resonance of existential longing.Toronto Film Review: 'An Eye for Beauty'.I want you to spend the night with.Slow-motion sports montages set to pop songs keep cropping up for no discernible reason.Meanwhile, other formless subplots see Luc confide in his lesbian doctor friend (cast standout Marie-Josee Croze whose girlfriend he catches making out with his wife.It becomes increasingly evident that Lindsay has more invested in Luc than he does in her; retrospectively, that was always clear, yet shes so open to him that we hope for her vulnerability to be vindicated.Running time: 102 MIN.Other directorial decisions seem completely random.Subscribe to Variety Today.Camera (color Nathalie Moliavko-Vistozky; editor, Isabelle Dedieu; music, Pierre-Philippe Cote; production designer, Patrice Bengle; costume designer, Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt; sound, Mario Auclair, Simon Brien, Louis Gignac, Marie-Claude Gagne.

But things may simply happen.