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There are tutorials online, but it is recommended that you are pretty competent in the language as well as networking.
OP_read ByteBuffer byteBuffer ByteBuffer.
Creating a simple Chat Client/Server Solution in Java.However, a number of them imply that nothing will ever work and continuing on will just cause more problems.Examples; import.DataInputStream; import.DataOutputStream; import Exception; import etAddress; import cket; import.UnknownHostException; public class Client public static void main(String args) try / / Create a connection to the server socket on the server application / InetAddress host tLocalHost Socket socket new Socket(tHostName 5600 / / Send.ServerThread starts the encapsulated thread inside of the constructor.This is a bad practice because it forces you to use one thread for each task.Authentication doesn't do any authentication, it is just a user's login credentials.A Runnable should just be concerned with operation is executed.The way you handle threads is to primarily just print something to the console.Go back to the basics and read a bunch of books on Java.Code(ba, cb, false.Most of your classes are Runnable, but they encapsulate the thread that they run.
New Id new Login(user.
You are storing the user names an passwords in plain text in the configuration file.
Out might not be initialized when the finally block in run executes.Implementing a Chat Client package bberspot.Follow US, newer Post, older Post, home.Both of these are large security holes.A few of the class names are unclear.Examples; import fferedInputStream; import.DataInputStream; import Exception; import rverSocket; import cket; public class Server private ServerSocket server; private int port 5600; public Server try server new ServerSocket(port catch (IOException e) intStackTrace public static void main(String args) Server server new Server nnection public void connection intln Waiting.BlockingQueue; import nkedBlockingQueue; import java.You should read it in once at the beginning and retain values.Output of the program : Server Screen.The code the instantiates the Runnable should be able to decide how the operation is executed.VeANjtQ6wJv0, there are many austin tx free chat line numbers more if you just ask "how to make a LAN chat program in Java" in your favorite search engine.ServerListener sounds like it listens for some action by the server.This is a step further in the wrong direction.

If the server needs to handle 100 clients, you don't want to have 100 threads.
You read in the properties file in three different locations and throw it away when you are done.