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Brownsville, TX 78520 (956) Texas Department of Criminal Justice (tdcj) The tdcj supervises offenders released from prison on parole or mandatory supervision and provides funding and certain oversight of community supervision.
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Cameron County Probation The Community Supervision and Corrections Department (cscd) supervises individuals sentenced to community supervision by local courts and Cameron County residents who receive community supervision in other counties or states.There is no jury for a probation violation hearing, as the judge who imposed the original sentence is the only person who will hear the case and render a decision.You can also find information about the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department on this website.The Cameron County Divert Court is the drug court for the county, and the Cameron County Veterans Court opened in 2014.Back to top, brownsville Probation Violation Penalties, certain violations of community supervision result in probation officers simply issuing warnings.When a person has been arrested or thinks that he or she might be under investigation for an alleged criminal offense, a criminal defense lawyer can represent the individual at the subsequent hearing and fight to possibly have the criminal charges reduced or dismissed.Certain violations can result in federal charges, which frequently carry longer prison sentences and steeper fines than crimes tried in state courts.
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Similar to community supervision, certain alleged offenders may be eligible for pretrial diversion programs in lieu of prosecution.
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Attorney for First-Time Offenders in Brownsville,.A graduate of Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, Steve worked many years in the field of social services with both juvenile and adult prisoners, at Gatesville State School for Boys (Mountainview Unit at Texas Rehabilitation Commission, and as an Adult Probation Officer for the.Lawyer for Violations of Probation in Brownsville,.Overview of Probation Violations in Cameron County.Back to top, types of Violations of Probation in Texas.A lower standard means that a prosecutor only needs to prove that an alleged offender more likely than not committed the alleged violation as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the highest possible burden of proof.Depending on the criminal charge that a first-time offender is facing, he or she may also be eligible to have his or her case handled in a specialty court that focuses more on rehabilitation than punishment.Cameron County Community Supervision and Corrections Department 854.Brownsville, TX, 78520, carrizales-Rucker Cameron County Detention Center, visit this section of the Cameron County Sheriff's Office website to find inmate visitation rules for Cameron County Jail and Carrizales-Rucker Detention Center.The website also a step-by-step explanation of how to use iCare, the program allowing friends or family members to purchase commissary packages for inmates.A technical violation is usually a person's failure to fulfill some required probation obligation, such as meeting with a probation officer or paying a fine.Options for First-Time Offenders in Brownsville.